About Us

A Full Service Financial Consulting Firm

We’re proud to be part of the ThompsonBaker family—a venerable agency with deep roots in the St. Augustine, FL community.

Through the years, our loyal clients have grown to respect us for these guiding principles, which help shape our firm:

  • Independence matters.
  • Knowledgeable professionals are our most important asset.
  • Longevity—and a forward-thinking approach—creates a powerful combination.

Independence Matters

Through the years, we’ve deliberately chosen to remain independent—avoiding ownership ties to banks, Wall Street or other third party investors. That way, we can base all our recommendations on our deep knowledge and objective experience, rather than biased analysis, product sales or commissions.

And, by avoiding undue influence from corporate head offices or research divisions, we can offer a wide range of customized strategies instead of a limited set of proprietary products.

Acting in the best interest of our clients is second nature to us. In fact, we believe it’s one of our key strengths: our clients feel confident knowing that our sole objective is offering the comprehensive strategies that help meet their unique needs.

Our Most Important Asset? Knowledgeable Professionals

At ThompsonBaker Financial, our skilled professionals are our biggest asset. The depth of their financial acumen—from their understanding of investment theory to its day to day application in practice—truly sets us apart.

With their diverse financial backgrounds and global outlook, our team has served as a strong anchor for clients in today’s world of ever-changing and interconnected capital markets.


Longevity and a forward-thinking perspective

With ThompsonBaker Financial, clients get the best of both worlds: a firm with a long history of serving the St. Augustine community who has also remained vibrant and dynamic along the way.

While celebrating our heritage and rich history, we continually seek to expand our offerings and keep abreast of industry innovations.

We adopt a fresh, global-market perspective when creating our customized strategies. At the same time, we are grounded by the experience we’ve gained navigating the ups and downs of market cycles—which reminds us to keep a firm eye on risk when helping clients pursue their objectives.